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Librarian Blogs: New Cloud-Based Application – WorldCat Discovery Services – The Future of FirstSearch and WorldCat Local





In March 2014, OCLC will release WorldCat® Discovery Services, a new suite of cloud-based applications that brings the FirstSearch® and WorldCat® Local services together.

The new suite will enable people to discover more than electronic, digital, and physical resources in libraries around the world through a single search of both WorldCat® and a central index that represents nearly 2,000 e-content collections. This will make it possible for 18,000+ FirstSearch libraries to offer a richer discovery experience.


In the video below, John McCullough, OCLC Product Manager for Discovery Services, discusses the features of WorldCat Discovery Services during a presentation at ALA Midwinter in January 2014, Philadelphia, PA.


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Live from the 2014 Model UN Conference: #ChesnuttGovDocs Librarian Diana Amerson Shares an Update (3.21.2014)

Diana Amerson–the Chesnutt Library Government Documents Librarian–is currently in Durham, North Carolina supporting Fayetteville State University students who are participating as delegates in the 2014 NCCIIE Model United Nations Conference.

Today, March 21st, marks day two of the Model UN Conference; FSU students have stepped up like a bucking bronco. They kicked the scholarly challenge to become delegates for the 2014 Model UN. Our student Broncos took on the challenge and used this opportunity to strengthen student engagement and international partnerships. The NCCIIE Model UN Conference also serves as a prime FSU faculty development activity.

Mrs. Amerson created and actively maintains the NCCIIE LibGuide, which is a useful academic resources for student delegates to use while conducting research  for their projects and resolutions. The NCCIIE is a way for students to do global research and has been successfully implemented into the process.

They are really having a lot fun!

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#wordlesswednesday: #womenshistorymonth (3.19.2014)

Women's History Month, Book Display (case one), Chesnutt Library

Women's History Month, Book Display (case one), Chesnutt Library Women's History Month, Book Display (case one), Chesnutt Library

What is the Model UN Conference? (3.4.2014)

What is the Model UN? 2014

Model United Nations is an authentic simulation of the UN General Assembly and UN Security Council. The Model UN catapults students into the world of diplomacy and negotiation as ambassadors in role playing. Students step into the shoes of UN member state ambassadors to debate on current issues in the international community to represent their countries in and acts on its concerns about today issues such as:

  • peace and security
  • human rights
  • the environment
  • food and hunger
  • economic development
  • globalization

To learn more about the Model UN activities at Fayetteville State (and how to get involvded), check out Chesnutt Library’s LibGuide NCCIIE Model UN for more information about the 2014 Model UN Conference at:

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#throwbackthursday: From Archives and Special Collections–Charles W. Chesnutt Family Bible (2.27.2014)

Charles W. Chesnutt Family Bible in Chesnutt Library Archives, Fayetteville State University (2.20.2014) w/ Archivist, Craig TuttleOn February 20th, 2014, we spoke with the University Archivist, Craig Tuttle.

The topic: the Chesnutt family Bible that is housed in the Archives and Special Collections Department on the 4th Floor of Chesnutt Library.

Charles W. Chesnutt played a significant role during the nascent stages of what is now Fayetteville State University. And among other accomplishments, Chesnutt is regarded as a forerunner of Black American literature.

In today’s post, Mr. Tuttle discusses the importance of the family Bible, education in the South, the process of tanning leather, the historical energy that archived documents possess, as well as a few other tidbits about the archival process. (Read more on the Chesnutt Library Tumblr.)

Charles W. Chesnutt Family Bible in Chesnutt Library Archives, Fayetteville State University (2.20.2014) w/ Archivist, Craig Tuttle

Charles W. Chesnutt Family Bible in Chesnutt Library Archives, Fayetteville State University (2.20.2014) w/ Archivist, Craig Tuttle

#wordlesswednesday (2.26.2014)

ReadBox Library Display, Chesnutt Library, Fayetteville State University

(See more on Chesnutt Library’s Pinterest.)

George H. Williams (Principal of the State Colored Normal School) Relative Visits Chesnutt Library, 2.25.2014

(CORRECTION: Please excuse the previous post that went out today around 1:39pm with similar content.)

Ofeeyah Yisrael, a family member of George H. Williams (Class of 1879 and Principal of the State Colored Normal School from 1888 – 1895), visited the Chesnutt Library on the morning of Tuesday, February 25th, 2014. Yisrael was here on unofficial business and making use of the Library’s services.

Ofeeyah Yisrael - Visiting Chesnutt Library on 2.25.2014 - Relation to the George Williams Founder of FSU

She was received by Director of Library Services, Bobby Wynn, and Head of Public Services and Information Literacy, Jan Whitfield. Yisrael made this comment when asked how often she visits Fayetteville State and if she was an FSU alumni:

I normally make it for Founders Day, but it’s been about two years [since I've been back]. Some of my other family members come for [Founders Day]. My parents and a lot of my family went to FSU, and most of them graduated as teachers. All of my aunts and uncles attended FSU.

For more FSU history, please visit the Archives and Special Collections, Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm.

#ForeverAlone: Selected Book List in Homage of Singles on Valentine’s Day (2.14.2014)

On February 14th, we tend to always think about and focus on the couples, but not really much about the singles. We saw this post from Darien Library on Instagram ; it’s a #ForeverAlone book display. (If you’re familiar with popular hashtags and memes, this will make sense.)  

So here’s a selected book list in homage of the single, the solitary, and the (sometimes) chronically alone.



 Find these books using our Online Catalog.

#ChesnuttGovDocs Black History: DaVita Vance-Cooks 1st Black Woman U.S. Public Printer (2.11.2014)

On August 13, 2013, DaVita Vance-Cooks was sworn in as the first woman and the first African American Public Printer of the United States. She was nominated by President Baraka Obama and confirmed by the Unites States Senate. The Honorable DaVita Vance-Cooks is the Government Printing Office 27th Public Printer. She celebrated this most historical event with her family in the U.S. Government Printing Office’s (GPO) Harding Hall, Washington, DC.

Read more on DaVita Vance-Cooks here.

On March 4, 1861, there were two inaugurations in Washington, DC. Abraham Lincoln was sworn in as the 16th President of the United States and the U.S. GPO opened for business. Today, the presses continue to run, even as the GPO continues to transform itself in a digital age. The GPO is evolving alongside the latest developments in information technology and as we move beyond ink and paper to digital information.

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