Oxford English Dictionary Online

The latest quarterly update to OED Online is now available at www.oed.com!


The latest alphabetical range to be revised is PLEB-POMAK. It includes 2,867 new and revised entries, and is released alongside over 400 new words and senses from across the alphabet. Find out the latest definitions and quotations for everything from POD PERSON (a person considered to be conformist, unoriginal, or emotionless) to PLUMCOT (a hybrid between a plum and an apricot), and from PLUG-AND-GO (allowing easy installation and use) to PLIP (a remote control automatic locking system on a motor vehicle) and POGUE (in Ireland a kiss, in the US a non-combatant soldier or a homosexual), and the 757 words beginning with “poly-“.
Visit http://www.oed.com/help/updates/latest-additions.html for a full list of new and revised words in this range.

New entries have also been added across the alphabet from LOLLYWOOD (the Pakistani film industry, based in Lahore) to SUPERFOOD (an especially nutritious food), from FACIALIST (a person who gives facials) to LIPOSCULPTURE (liposuction), from BLING (ostentatious, flashy) to BADA-BING (suggesting something happening suddenly, emphatically, or easily), and from CYPHERPUNK (a person who uses encryption when sending emails in order to ensure privacy) to WI FI (any of several standards for the high-speed wireless transmission of data over a small range).


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