"Emerald partners with anti-plagiarism database in publishing industry first!"

Emerald, a leading publisher of academic and professional literature, recently announced that it has partnered with the creators of Turnitin. Turnitin has been including Emerald content as of September 25, 2006. According to its press release, this partnership “allows Emerald to address the problems of plagiarism and copyright infringment in two ways:

– By allowing students, tutors, researchers and editors to compare content that they are submitting, marking, editing, or publishing with content previously published by Emerald through the Turnitin and iThenticate services. This will alert the enquirer to possible duplication or plagiarism, and allow them to take the apporpriate action, for example, revision.

– By allowing Emerald to be proactive and check submittted work for copyright infringement against content it has previously published, plus 8.6 billion web pages, tens of millions of articles in more than 15, 000 periodicals, and copyright free material.”

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