New Database – The Philosopher’s Index

Chesnutt Library is pleased to announce the addition of the Philosopher’s Index to its Database collection. The Philosopher’s Index can be accessed by selecting Database Finder on the Library’s homepage.

From the publisher’s website:

The Philosopher’s Index is a bibliographic database with informative, author-written abstracts covering scholarly research in all areas of philosophy. The literature covered goes back to 1940 and includes journal articles, books, book chapters such as contributions to an anthology, and book reviews.

The Philosopher’s Index monitors over 550 journals from more than 40 countries and is updated quarterly. Extensive indexing includes personal and proper names along with subject terms; there is also the capability to search for the authors of book reviews.

Subject Coverage

    Major areas of coverage include:

    • Aesthetics
    • Axiology
    • Metaphilosophy
    • Metaphysics
    • Philosophical Anthropology
    • Philosophy of Education
    • Philosophy of Epistemology
    • Philosophy of Ethics
    • Philosophy of History
    • Philosophy of Language
    • Philosophy of Logic
    • Philosophy of Religion
    • Philosophy of Science
    • Political Philosophy
    • Social Philosophy

Dates of Coverage

1940 – current

Update Frequency

Quarterly, with approximately 3,500 records added.


Over 328,000 records as of August 2005.


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