New Books at Chesnutt Library

The following new books are located on the 2nd floor of the Chesnutt Library:

Business & Economics

Markets, games, & strategic behavior
[HB74.5 .H65 2007]

Walrasian economics
[HB105.W3 W35 2006]

Mathematical models of economic dynamics with discrete innovations
[HB135 .Z29 2006]

Empirical post Keynesian economics: looking at the real world
[HB171 .E55 2007]

Economics: making sense of the modern economy
[HB171.5 .E33 2006]

African households: censuses and surveys
[HB3661.A3 A344 2006]

America’s bubble economy: profit when it pops
[HB3722.W53 2006]

Innovation dynamism and economic growth: a nonlinear perspective
[HC79.T4 H57 2006]

Guide to economic indicators
[HC103 .F9 2006]

Policy analysis for effective development: strengthening transition economies
[HC244 .M625 2006]

China’s domestic private firms: multidisciplinary perspectives on management and performance
[HD2346.C6 C4835 2006]

Management information systems: solving business problems with information technology
[HD30.213 .P67 2006]

Decision making with the analytic network process: economic, political, social and technological applications with benefits, opportunities, costs and risks
[HD30.23 .S192323 2006]

Paths to power: how insiders and outsiders shaped American business leadership
[HD38.25.U6 M345 2006]

Strategic management: building and sustaining competitive advantage
[HD30.28 .P528 2006]

Inside the mind of the stakeholder: the hype behind stakeholder pressure
[HD59 .I5577 2006]

The world food economy
[HD1415 .S634 2007]

The Chilean labor market: a key to understanding Latin American labor markets
[HD5756.A6 S44 2006]

America at work: choices and challenges
[HD6957.U5 A485 2006]

Pensions: reform, protection and health insurance
[HD7125 .P394 2006]

Chutes and ladders: navigating the low-wage labor market
[HD8081.A5 N49 2006]

Black males left behind
[HD8081.A65 B53 2006]

The politics of citizenship of Mexican immigrants
[HD8081.M6 C39 2006]

Global pharmaceuticals: ethics, markets, practices
[HD9665.5 .G56 2006]


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