RSS feeds in EBSCO

An RSS (really simple syndication) feed allows you to receive updated information in an aggregator such as Bloglines or GoogleReader. The great thing about an RSS feed is that it saves you TIME. Like most people, you probably have some favorite websites you visit every day to see what’s new. For example, if you visit,, and frequently, you might as well subscribe to their RSS feeds and log in to one place to catch up on the news rather than going from website to website.

So what does RSS have to do with EBSCO? Well, EBSCO has made it easy to subscribe to a search’s RSS feed. In the same way that you get updated website content, you can get updated content in EBSCO databases on research your conducting.

How exactly does this work? Well, once you create a search, the option to “create alert for this search” will display at the top of the list of results alongside the orange button indicating an RSS feed:

The url for the RSS feed will appear once you click on “create alert for this search”:

Copy and paste the url in your aggregator (i.e. Bloglines, GoogleReader, etc.) and you’ll start getting updates on your research topic:

Please contact us with any questions or comments.

Source: Shifted Librarian

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