PC Magazine’s Top 100 Undiscovered Websites

PC Magazine has unveiled its Top 100 Undiscovered Websites. Topics range from Health & Food to Tech: Gaming. Below are some websites featured under the Info, Reference & Search category:

AfterVote: “AfterVote is a search aggregator that combines results from the big three search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and MSN) and ranks them for you.”

Footnote: “This site has a deal with the National Archives to digitize and upload every document housed in the archives.”

Hard to Find 800 Numbers: “The site organizes companies alphabetically and displays phone numbers and hours of operation.”

Ninjawords: “Sometimes you need to know the meaning of a word, and you need to know it two-tenths of a second faster than any other dictionary site can get it to you.”

Wink: “Wink is a people search engine that culls results from social-networking sites (MySpace, LinkedIn, Bebo, and more), followed by results from other sites where users keep public profiles, followed by results from the Web at large.”

Source: iLibrarian, PCMagazine


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