Database of the Week: Cinahl plus Full-Text

CINAHL Plus with Full Text is a comprehensive database for nursing & allied health journals indexing over 560 journals, and many articles are available full-text.

One of its best features is its option for controlled vocabulary searching, a powerful search tool that gives you more relevant search results than regular keyword searching. Each bibliographic record (i.e. article) is assigned controlled vocabulary terms to describe the content of that article. CINAHL’s controlled vocabulary is called CINHAL Subject Headings. Searching controlled vocabulary can be tricky so how do you decide what the correct term is? Fortunately CINAHL’s Advanced Search screen enables you to search for the correct vocabulary term, read each term’s description, and then search using that term.

As you can see Cinahl plus Full-Text comes with the familiar Ebscohost interface and all its neat tools: RSS feed, plain text emails, printing, email alerts, citation format option, etc. For more information or an individual instruction lesson, please contact me for an appointment.

Laura Bell Wright
Interlibrary Loan & Reference Librarian


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