Trial Databases

The following trial databases are available through December 31, 2007:

Trial Starts: November 30, 2007 Trial Ends: December 15, 2007
“Frost & Sullivan, founded in 1961, has 26 global offices with more than 1500 industry consultants, market research analysts, technology analysts and economists. [Their] mission is to research and analyze new market opportunities for corporate growth. They are the world leader in growth consulting and the integrated areas of technology research, market research, economic research, corporate best practices, training, customer research, competitive intelligence and corporate strategy.”

Trial Starts: November 15, 2007 Trial Ends: December 15, 2007
Provider of industry sector analysis and research, industry trends and industry statistics. Competitive intelligence, market research, vertical industry marketing data, or industry trends analysis. Coverage includes vital industry sectors as health care, financial services, retailing, entertainment, energy and information technology.


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