New Serial Titles

Come browse the new additions to our journal collection. There’s something for everybody – whether you’re watching what you eat (Cooking Light), thinking of picking up a new hobby (Cross Stitch Gold or Golf), or stimulating your mind (Mental Floss):

1. Biology of Reproduction
2. Cooking Light
3. Criminal Justice Research Reports
4. Cross Stitch Gold
5. Cultural and Social History
6. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology
7. European Journal of Social Theory
8. Golf Magazine
9. Information Systems Control Journal
10. Informed Librarian
11. Journal of Andrology
12. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement
13. Mental Floss
14. Music Perception
15. Neuropsychology
16. O: The Oprah Magazine
17. Out
18. Psychological Methods
19. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors
20. Rehabilitation Psychology
21. Sophisticates: Black Hair Styles and Care Guide
22. TIFERT: A Journal of Spiritual Literature
23. Travel and Leisure
24. Upscale
25. Vibe

These magazines are all located on the first floor of the library in the Periodicals Department behind the stairs.


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