Mergent Online – Trial Modules

Chesnutt Library has database trials available through Mergent Online. The Mergent Global Private Company Database is available through July 25, 2008. Provided by insight from Dun & Bradstreet, this module contains

  • Up to 4 years of key financial information on over 400,000 Global Private Companies
  • Integrated screening and searching for Public and Private Companies
  • Full company reports in printable .PDF file format
  • Ability to view competitors on both Private and Public companies

To access it, go to Database Finder and type in Mergent. Check the “include private companies” box to include them in your search.

In addtion to the Global Private Companies Database, we have summer trials for the following MergentOnline modules:

Mergent Equity Research Reports
Industry Reports (North America)
Industry Reports (Asia Pacific)
Industry Reports (Europe)
Industry Reports (Latin America)

These trial modules run through August 31, 2008. If you have any questions or comments be sure to contact the Reference Department 672-1233.


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