NEW Streaming Video Database: Digital Educational Video

Chesnutt Library invites you to check out a new online resource by Films on Demand called Digital Educational Video. Films are from several collecctions, among them are: ABC News, the BBC, CNBC, Films for the Humanities; Frontline; History Channel; NBC News; Nightline; Nova; PBS and Scientific American Frontiers to name a few. You may need to authenticate you are affiliated with Fayetteville State University in order to use this database.

The following are just a few of the streaming video titles and series: Race and Intelligence: Science’s Last Taboo; John F. Kennedy, from The WPA Film Library; Data: Ethical Use and Storage; Future of English; The Facebook Obsession; Intervention (Television Show); The Guantanamo Trap; A TV in the Baby Bottle; Outbreak: Life after People; Linear Functions; Latin Music U.S.A.: Divas and Superstars; God in America: How Religious Liberty Shaped America; Bound and Buried: Life after People; and Greetings and Introductions: Espana Viva.

This is a great resource that provides thousands of streaming videos with a variety of topics that can be used by faculty and students to better understand a topic, supplement classroom instruction or use as an aid with the textbook. The subject areas are: Anthropology; Archival Films & Newsreels; Area Studies;Art & Architecture; Biology; Business & Economics; Careers & Job Search; Communication; Computers & Technology; Criminal Justice; Earth Science; Education; English & Language Arts; Environmental Science; Family & Consumer Sciences; Geography; Guidance & Counseling; Health & Medicine; History; Mathematics; Music & Dance; Philosophy & Religion; Physical Science; Political Science; Psychology; Sociology; Technical Education; and World Languages.


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