The Digital Commons @ Fayetteville State University – Most Recent Additions

It makes a difference to be able to share your research with the world! The DigitalCommons@Fayetteville State University provides a way for faculty, staff and student research to be shared on campus, across the state, nationally and internationally. The repository is a service of the Fayetteville State University Library. Research and scholarly output included here has been selected and deposited by the individual university departments and centers on campus.

The Most Recent Additions to the DigitalCommons@Fayetteville State University in April 2012

Roots and Branches: Towards an Aesthetic and an Acceptance of Urban/Street Literature
Joyce Russell

A Study of Pattern and Variation of Alcohol and Drug Abuse in A Predominantly Black College
Akbar Aghajanian

A Relationship Study on Retention Among Traditional and Non-traditional Students in Select North Carolina Community Colleges
J Michael Harpe

Characteristic Profiles of Low and High Achieving African American Males in Selected North Carolina Middle Schools
Shanessa Fenner

An Analysis of the Perceptions of Faculty at Public Historically Black Colleges & Uiversities in North Carolina Regarding Their Awareness of and Involvement in PK-16 Collaboration Initiatives
Teresa Thompson-Pinckney

An Investigation of Professional Learning Communities in North Carolina School Systems
Kelly Elizabeth Higgins

False Consensus and Its Effect on Reactance
Nicole Marie Gillenwater

An Analysis of Teachers’ and Principals’ Perceptions of Leadership in Selected North Carolina Middle Schools and Their Impact on Student Achievement
Jonathan Williams

Calibration of the Egret Gamma Ray Telescope With a Back-Scattered Laser Beam
John Richard Mattox

On the Origin of Biological Functions
Alexander Umantsev

Thermodynamic Stability of Transition States in Nanosystems
Alexander Umantsev

Correlations of Physiological Activities in Nocturnal Cheyne–Stokes respiration
Alexander Umantsev and Alexander Golbin

Continuum Theory of Carbon Phases
Alexander Umantsev and Zinoviy Akkerman

Identification of Material Parameters for Continuum Modeling of Phase Transformations In Multicomponent Systems
Alexander Umantsev

Modeling of Intermediate Phase Growth
Alexander Umantsev

Thermal Effects of Phase Transformations: A Review
Alexander Umantsev

Growth from a Hypercooled Melt Near Absolute Stability
Alexander Umantsev and S. H. Davis

Adaptive Chaos: Mild Disorder May Help
Alexander Golbin and Alexander Umantsev

Thermal Effects in Dynamics of Interfaces
Alexander Umantsev

Adiabatic Phase Transformations in Confinement
Alexander Umantsev

*Updated as of 04/16/12.


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