PILE_ON Contest Winners

And the Winners Are…

Jasmine Bozeman
Byron L. Britt
Christopher F. Darden
Robert Johnson
Tonya Johnson
Tamisa McDonald
Tammar Sanders
Charles Taylor

Kreston Thomas

Contestant Essay Excerpts

Jasmine Bozeman:
Once these skills are mastered, they can effectively be applied to every aspect of life. Every day I am presented with different tasks and situations that require me to use my information literacy skills. Whether on the job or at home, being information literate can make all the difference between a savvy individual and ignorant person.

Byron L. Britt:
The most important part of information literacy is the ability to validate the information you discover.

Christopher F. Darden:
How can one successfully lead without the right information to form a good vision?

Robert Johnson:
Being information literate can help a person cut down the time needed to find information.

Tonya Johnson:
Information literacy is an invaluable life skill. Information literacy holds tremendous value. Librarians and educators are tremendous assets equipped with extensive knowledge to help in the progress toward information literacy.

Tamisa McDonald:
Without informational literacy we cannot grow and understand one and other.

Tammar Sanders:
There is an old proverb, author unknown, that states ‘If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; but if you teach a man to fish you feed him for life.’ Being an information literate person means that you are equipped with a skill of locating and utilizing information that will be beneficial to you in all areas of your life. In a society where technology is advancing daily, being an information literate person is no longer an option but a requirement for survival.

Charles Taylor:
To be an information literate person is therefore important in school, business, as well as in one’s personal life.

Kreston Thomas:
The access to answers is abundantly available, yet knowing what questions to ask is the gateway to being more information literate. We must understand who we are getting information from and which sources are best to receive information.
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