FSU Homecoming 2012: Alumni!

The very basic purpose of homecoming festivities and activities is to welcome home alumni. These week-long events are meant to connect the current student body with those who have long graduated.

Although they have left FSU, Bronco alumni can and will continue to play an important role in the life and continued growth of the University. The spirit of FSU continues to live on well after graduation day. Graduates make an immeasurable contribution to represent FSU first-hand locally and abroad. Alumni are the most important manifestation of the University’s excellence; they are ambassadors for the University, representing their Alma mater worldwide.

FSU continuously engages with alumni as a very important stakeholder group. The continued involvement of alumni can ensure FSU remains a university of excellence. Alumni can support their Alma Mater in a number of ways, to include networking and donating time and finances.

Visit FSU’s Alumni Affairs for more information on FSU’s specific needs and initiatives, as well as upcoming events.

Also, check out the list of books and articles on the role of alumni, alumni relations, and fundraising and development.



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