Graphic Novels in Our Collection: Batman, Birds of Prey, and More.

Chesnutt Library serves Fayetteville State University by supporting educational, research, and cultural endeavors. We have a varied collection of books and journals that are accessible online and in traditional hardcopy form. As would be expected from an academic library, we have a great deal of education-centered material, as well as texts for our nursing and military students…and much, much more.

Would you expect, however, for Chesnutt Library to have more than two dozen graphic novels in our collection? Our New Books Shelf features several new graphic novels and we’ve got a bunch more already in our collection.

While some people think of graphic novels (and comic books) as child’s play or something strictly for Comic-Con fanatics, there are academic majors and areas of scholarly research devoted to the colorful genre (take a look at this graphic novels LibGuide via Texas State University). As a major cultural resource for the community and the region at large, Chesnutt Library invites you to explore the leisure and academic implications of graphic novels.

Check our online catalog for titles and to see what’s available for checkout!


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