Librarian Blogs: Top 5 Things From the World of Science

The top 5 things that surprised me from the world of science:

1. Confirmation of the existence of the Higgs Boson.  The discovery of this elementary particle could be more significant than the discovery of the electron.  The search has taken more than 40 years.

Article: “Higgs discovery helps make sense of matter.”

2.  Triassic Kraken Theory. OK, this would be #1 if somehow more evidence for it emerged. Thinking about a paleontologist talking about a 200 million year old giant intelligent octopus at a conference is a surprise in itself.  (Note: that the second link below is not a peer reviewed journal.)

Article: “Unusual Arrangement of Bones at Ichthyosaur State Park in Nevada.”

Article: “Kraken monster ruled ancient seas? Scientists wary of new theory.”

3. fMRIs can see lies. Here is an experiment in the form of an interrogation after a mock sabotage incident.

Article: “Functional MRI Detection of Deception After Committing a Mock Sabotage Crime.”

4. Gobliki Tepe. This city has been shown to be three times as old as Egypt’s pyramids, before evidence of agriculture.

Article:The Origins and Sequences of Civilizations.”

5. Red Deer People.  In 1979 in a cave in China some bones were unearthed.  So we seem to have lost cities and pre-modern humans on the same land mass at the same time.

Article: Welcome, Red Deer Cave cousin.”



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