Staff Picks: The Benefits of Dropbox (9.5.2013)

The Benefits of Dropbox - Chesnutt Library Blog, #chesnuttlibrary

In the later years of my college career I was introduced to a service known as Dropbox.  I received an invitation through Facebook from a friend who really just wanted an incentive. But being the amazing friend that I am, I accepted the invitation to create a Dropbox account, not really knowing what it was.

The process was quick and easy: name, email address, etc. After creating my account and logging in, I was immediately attached. Dropbox is a service that provides its users with free storage space that can be accessed from virtually anywhere. I found myself saving documents, pictures, even music to my Dropbox.

I didn’t need a USB drive.

Because Dropbox can be accessed through the internet, I could log onto any computer and retrieve my files. And when I synced my Dropbox to my computer, my files were automatically downloaded and I didn’t need the internet. I also downloaded the app on my phone and was able to email my resume faster than ever. And one of the things I loved most about Dropbox was the straight-forward interface; I was immediately able to use the service without any help from anyone. It’s so easy. You can even share the folders you create in Dropbox. I’ve created a shared folder for my mother and I just to make it easier for us to share files.

Editor’s Note: During the Fall 2012 Chesnutt Library Information Literacy Fellows Workshops, Allison Sharp presented on the benefits of Dropbox and created a shared folder for the workshop participants to access all presentation materials.

If I could recommend any service or app for the everyday person, it would be Dropbox.

Chesnutt Library - Staff Picks, Brianna Lofton (IT Department)


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