2013 Homecoming Photo Booth #InsideChesnuttLibrary (10.18.2013)

Chesnutt Library is already getting in to the homecoming spirit!

If you have been in the Library, you have seen this ERIC microfiche cabinet. It’s really hard to miss.

ERIC microfiche cabinet (Chesnutt Library Photo Booth), Homecoming 2013, Fayetteville State University

The Reference Department entered this cabinet in the annual door/lobby decorating contest. Over the course of several days, the cabinet was transformed in to a photo booth (as seen on Pinterest).

We invite all FSU Broncos–students, faculty, and staff–to come in to Chesnutt and have your photos taken in our 2013 Homecoming Photo Booth! We also encourage you to come in a group. (The booth is located behind the elevator on the first floor.)

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