Librarian Blogs: What’s To Eat? Feeding Your Tummy and Your Mind While at College (10.22.2013)

At First Steps to the University this past summer, Chancellor Anderson gave an encouraging and insightful talk to students and parents entering in to the fall 2013  semester. He stressed the need for them to take care of themselves, to ensure they had a successful freshman year.  Part of his talk centered around healthy eating habits and avoiding the freshman weight gain that some experience due to unhealthy eating habits and multiple trips to the buffet.

The following two articles discuss college students’ eating habits that contribute to success and graduation. A list of colleges that have the best and worst meals is also included.

      College students’ eating habits are graduation factor

     Who’s Got The Best College Food

How Can You Eat Healthier? 

Chesnutt Library’s online catalog and databases list many resources that address healthy eating and diet, nutrition, meal selection and planning and cooking.  There are books, e-books, DVDs, government documents, kits, and EBSCOHost databases for books and articles.


Search the online catalog for more books!

Chesnutt Librarian Blogs, Jan Whitfield


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