Librarian Blogs: Archives and Special Collections Exhibit Honors the Class of 1963 (11.5.2013)

On Friday October 25th, 2013, the 50th anniversary of the graduating class of 1963 was celebrated in the Lily Gym. Alumni from other graduating classes also attended to support their classmates. As alumni entered the gym, they were encouraged to view the exhibit panels produced in honor of their 50th anniversary. These panels were the creation of Ladajah Davis and Zoraida Younger, student assistants in the Archives Department.

Diana Amerson, Government Documents Librarian, was also invited to the reunion celebration. Mrs. Amerson was responsible for the creation of exhibits for past class reunions.

Alumni were also presented with a number of gifts including a 48 page color booklet filled with photos of graduation, sports, Greek fraternities and sororities, and other student activities. The booklet also included a “Facts and Stats,” which contained a myriad of pop culture facts and new events.

Afterwards, the members of the Class of 1963 were inducted into Senior Academy. It was a wonderful event in which, by all accounts, everyone enjoyed themselves.

(View archived and digitized FSU yearbooks via DigitalNC here.) 

Chesnutt Librarian Blogs, #ChesnuttLibrary


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