Student Appreciation Luncheon Held on November 20th, 2013 in JC Jones Boardroom

On November 20th, 2013, the Chesnutt Library Amenities Committee sponsored a Student Appreciation Luncheon for the student staff of Charles W. Chesnutt Library.

Chesnutt Library Student Appreciation Luncheon Held on November 20th, 2013 in JC Jones Board Room, Fayetteville State University

The event was designed to acknowledge the excellent job performances by student staff. Each respective department was charged with providing and presenting gifts to their student employees for services rendered during the Fall Semester.

By hosting this luncheon, Chesnutt Library hoped to remind the students of how invaluable they are throughout the year. We also want to encourage our current student staff to return the following semesters and academic years.

Chesnutt Library appreciates each and every one of you!

Daron  Breeze Tara McKinney
Natavia Harden Takisha Mcnair
Brittany Lesane Devoncia Mickins
Nicky Roberson Breanna Moore
Genevieve Anakwe-Charles Jessakah Moore
Anthony Jones Ababio Nibria
Tyler Baker Luis Oliver
Cadricia Blair Jeseca Pryor
Calisha Bond Queani Smith
Tiffany Brown Daysha Ramos
Tatyanna Carter Famuel Rodriguez
Desire Chesson Devin Saddle
Gabrielle Cole Danielle Sawyer
Winfred Cox Kayonia Short
Angelina Davis Kiara Smith
Ladajah Davis Marcus Smith
Deanna Outlaw Nakisha Stewart
Jarred Ellerbe Lachrista Sweet-Blue
Shakieviea Gilchrist Shantrell Teasley
Cornita Glaspie Francena Turner
Mark Harris Kyle Turner
Jordan Ingram Jajuan West
Jewel Jefferies Chelsea Williams
Ashley Johnson Lasean Williams,
Latisha McGowan Zoraida Younger
Aliyah Lindsay Tara McKinney
Jamario Lynch Takisha Mcnair
Jarrad Mason Devoncia Mickins
Shannon McGuire

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