#ChesnuttGovDocs Black History: DaVita Vance-Cooks 1st Black Woman U.S. Public Printer (2.11.2014)

On August 13, 2013, DaVita Vance-Cooks was sworn in as the first woman and the first African American Public Printer of the United States. She was nominated by President Baraka Obama and confirmed by the Unites States Senate. The Honorable DaVita Vance-Cooks is the Government Printing Office 27th Public Printer. She celebrated this most historical event with her family in the U.S. Government Printing Office’s (GPO) Harding Hall, Washington, DC.

Read more on DaVita Vance-Cooks here.

On March 4, 1861, there were two inaugurations in Washington, DC. Abraham Lincoln was sworn in as the 16th President of the United States and the U.S. GPO opened for business. Today, the presses continue to run, even as the GPO continues to transform itself in a digital age. The GPO is evolving alongside the latest developments in information technology and as we move beyond ink and paper to digital information.

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