#ChesnuttArchives: NC Department of Cultural Resources is Seeking a Diverse Workforce (8.27.2014)

Diverse Workforce - NC Dept of Cultural Resources - Chesnutt Library @ FSU (8.27.2014)

Interested in becoming a librarian, historic interpreter, artist, museum educator, archivist, historic site manager, archaeologist, or historic preservation specialist?

The North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources has several divisions that include careers focusing on providing arts and culture across the state through organizations such as the North Carolina Museum of Art, North Carolina Museum of History, North Carolina Symphony, State Library of North Carolina, North Carolina Arts Council, State Historic Sites, and the State Archives.

The list of possible places to work includes various locations throughout the state of North Carolina. Here in Fayetteville, North Carolina we have the Museum of the Cape Fear Historical Complex which is a history museum that interprets the history of southeastern North Carolina and the Cape Fear region. On the property of the museum is the Poe House, built in 1897 as a Victorian style home, and the Arsenal Park which was constructed to serve as a defensive structure after the war of 1812.

There are several videos on the YouTube channel ncculture that have been created and posted by various North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources employees describing their jobs. Below is a short video of the Youth Services Consultant at the State Library of North Carolina providing insight of her job duties.

If you are interested in learning more about the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, please visit their website www.ncdcr.gov or use the libraries database NC LIVE.

On NCLIVE website select Everything NC! tab, and scroll to NCPedia which is an online encyclopedia that has entries for many things about North Carolina including the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources.

Sources: N.C. Department of Cultural Resources

Contact: Amber Covington   |   Archives Assistant   |   Chesnutt Library


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