#ThrowbackThursday: FSU History – Campus Buildings (8.28.2014)

The Rudolph Jones Student Center was originally erected in 1973 and has recently received several renovations.

Dr. Rudolph Jones was the sixth President of Fayetteville State University. Born in Winton, North Carolina, Dr. Jones later earned degrees from Shaw University and Catholic University of America. He held several positions before leading the FSU in 1952. He served as a teacher, principal, and administrator in North Carolina. Dr. Jones’ legacy is most notably recognized across campus through buildings constructed during his time and the curriculum expansion to include degree programs. These buildings include Vance Hall, Bryant Hall, Rosenthal Building, Science Annex, the Helen T. Chick Building, and the Women’s Physical Education Building. (“History of Fayetteville State University, 1867-2003” by Dr. Bertha Miller)

In 1973, the Student Center is described as “a modern, highly complex and specialized kind of building” that houses a “barbershop, a beauty parlor, bowling lanes, billiard tables, table tennis, a TV lounge, a ballroom, a post office, a student supply store, a conference room, 4 meeting rooms, 2 music listening or literature rooms, a main lounge, an informational booth, a cloak room, 2 patios, a snack bar, and a multitude of offices all under one roof.” (Fayetteville State University Catalog, 1973-1975, pg.20)

Today, the Student Center includes several offices and meeting spaces, a fireplace, a post office, movie theater, recreational area, food service areas, multipurpose rooms, and many other spaces.

Here are a few images of the previous looks of the Rudolph Jones Student Center.




Rudolph Jones Student Center

Rudolph Jones Memorial Scholarship

Fayetteville State University

Archives and Special Collections


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