#FlashbackFriday | FSU History: James Ward Seabrook (10.3.2014)

FSU History - J.W. Seabrook Biography, Archives and Special Collections, Charles W. Chesnutt Library, Fayetteville State University (10.1.2014)

In 1922 J.W. Seabrook accepted the offer to become dean of what was then called, Fayetteville State Normal School. He served as Dean for 11 years while also deciding to further his education with a master’s degree from Columbia University in 1925 and studying at the University of Chicago in 1928.  While serving as Dean, Fayetteville State Normal School became what we now know as Fayetteville State University. During this time the staff and student populations increased greatly due to his leadership and empowering role as Dean.

 Read more about J.W. Seabrook on the Chesnutt Library Tumblr.


Written and submitted by student Rheid Tridle, Archives and Special Collections

Edited by Amber Covington, Archives Assistant


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