Resource of the Week: CliffsNotes (2.12.2016)

Resource of the Week: CliffsNotes (2.12.2016)What: CliffsNotes are designed and intended to be used as a supplemental aid. This resource should not, by any means, replace classroom discussion or the in-depth reading of a text.

How: You can easily access CliffsNotes online as eBooks via EBSCO eBook Collection.

In addition to having many eBook versions readily available on a computer or device, Chesnutt Library also provides a collection of print CliffsNotes located in both the Main Stacks and behind the Reference Desk.

Most people use CliffsNotes by reading a chapter of the book or an act of the play, and then reading the corresponding section in the CliffsNotes (…) By using CliffsNotes responsibly, reviewing past criticism of a literary work, and examining fresh points of view, you can establish a unique connection with a work of literature and can take a more active part in a key goal of education: redefining and applying classic wisdom to current and future problems.” (Source: CliffNotes)

CliffsNotes offers more than just notes on literary works; you can also find guides to help you prepare for quizzes, papers, professional tests, as well as learn more on subject-specific topics. Visit their website for more information.

Who: Anyone at the Reference Desk can help you find and access CliffNotes online and/or in Chesnutt Library.

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