Chesnutt Library Services for FSU Faculty – Information Literacy + Library Instruction (1.14.2016)

Library instruction services for faculty range from, but are not limited to the following:

•Information literacy
•Orientation to the library
•Library tours
•Course-integrated instruction
•Library support for Canvas
•Individual research consultations

Chesnutt Library Blog

Chesnutt Library Services for Faculty - (1.14.2016)

Our goal is to equip students with the ability to find, select, and evaluate appropriate information resources to ensure their academic success at Fayetteville State University and beyond.

Information Literacy allows students to evaluate information critically, as well as use that information ethically. We foster this strategic goal by offering Bibliographic or Library Instruction.

Classes are typically held in Chesnutt Library in our Conference Room on the 3rd Floor.

Instruction for Students/Classes:

  • Faculty members may request library instruction sessions for their classes, which are provided by members of the Reference Department and Library Staff who hold a Masters of Library Science Degree.
  • Each library instruction session is customized to meet the needs of individual classes and research assignments.
  • One-on-one appointments can also be requested and made with the librarians, depending upon their schedule and the depth of the instruction needed.

 Possible Library Instruction Topics Include:

  • Identifying and using appropriate keywords…

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