Happy 149th Anniversary Fayetteville State University!

Hello dear readers my name is Nicholle Young and I work in the Archives & Special Collections of Chesnutt Library. I would like to take a moment to share with you the importance of today within the history of the university. On November 29th, 1867 a meeting was held at Evans Metropolitan AME Church to focus on the plan to build a permanent school for the black children of Fayetteville. This school would be known as The Howard School, later known as Fayetteville State University.

Let us take a closer look at an excerpt in the image below:

Indenture Deed for Howard School of Fayetteville

It states that:

Whereas the colored citizens of the town of Fayetteville have agreed to establish a school…for the benefit of the colored children of said town.

The colored citizens also designated seven men, who were well regarded in the community to act as “trustees” to oversee the building and maintaining of the school. Their names are Andrew Jackson (A.J.) Chesnutt, George W. Grange Sr., Matthew N. Leary Jr., Robert Simmons, Nelson Carter, Thomas Lomack, and David A. Bryant.

The Howard School of Fayetteville

Next year, FSU will be celebrating the grand 150th anniversary also known as the Sesquicentennial. Please stay tuned here as well as the homepage for FSU for details as they come.

For more information about FSU’s history, feel free to visit the page with the timeline.



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