Meet Our Newest Staff Member: Brittany Berwanger in Government Documents (7.12.2016)

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Brittany graduated from Fayetteville State University with a B.A. in Geography. She likes cats, flowers, and books. Brittany works in Government Documents on the 4th floor.

The Fayetteville State University’s, Charles W. Chesnutt Library, has been a senatorial designated depository library for U.S. government publications since 1973. Government documents are freely available to the pubic at designated federal depository libraries within academic and public libraries, law school libraries, and federal agency libraries across the country.

The Government Documents Department is located on the fourth floor of Chesnutt Library. Reference Services are available in the Government Documents Department, as well as at the Reference Desk on the first floor.

Meet Our Newest Staff Member: Shelton Richardson in Information Technology Services (5.18.2015)

Shelton Richardson joined Chesnutt Library’s IT Department in April as a Technical Support Technician. He is from Enfield, North Carolina, and graduated from Southeast Halifax High School. Shelton studied Computer Science at Fayetteville State University and is currently pursuing a second degree in Management Information Systems.

Prior to graduating from Fayetteville State, Shelton worked as a student employee in the School of Business and Economics 214 for ITTS as a Support Technician. He started working in Student Affairs as a student employee making sure the student center was clean, safe, and setup for various functions.

Shelton successfully gained full-time employment after graduation and accepted an administrative position with Student Affairs, which he had been working in since 2008 prior to joining Chesnutt Library. Students may recognize Shelton after having seen him around campus during various functions like homecoming week, rodeo week, and orientation. Shelton enjoy movies, video games, and technology; he is #TeamAndroid. Shelton is also a member of AITP.

Welcome, Shelton!

Shelton Richardson - IT Meme via 'Diamond State Romance Authors Blog'

(Except, Shelton does know what he’s doing!)