#ChesnuttLibrarian Presented at ALA Annual Conference 2016 #ALAAC16 on 6/25/16 in Orlando, FL (6.30.2016)

Velappan Velappan, #ChesnuttLibrarian Presented at ALA Annual Conference 2016 #ALAAC16 on 6/25/16 in Orlando, FL (6.30.2016) - Chesnutt Library, Fayetteville State UniversityMr. Velappan Velappan, Head of Access Services at Charles W. Chesnutt Library, participated in a presentation with five other librarians from other universities at the 2016 American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference on Saturday, June 25th 2016 at 1:00PM-2:30 PM in Orlando, FL.  The theme of the presentation was “FEAST: Future & Emerging Access Services Trends” and Mr. Velappan’s particular topic was “Click It, No More Tick It: Using “Gimlet” Desk Statistics to Improve Services at the Charles W. Chesnutt Library.”  Approximately 150 people attended his presentation.  Click here for more details on Mr. Velappan’s presentation.

The ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition was held in Orlando, FL from June 23 – June 28, 2016 at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC).  The American Library Association, the oldest and largest library association in the world, holds its Annual Conference & Exhibition each summer in different places around this country.  The largest such convention in the world is attended by more than 25,000 librarians, library supporters, educators, writers, publishers, friends of libraries, trustees and special guests from all over the world.  The conference includes more than 2,000 meetings, discussion groups and programs on various topics affecting libraries and librarians.  Approximately 850 exhibiting companies feature the latest in books, online services, automation software, furniture and other materials vital to today’s libraries and librarians. ALA units display professional exhibits highlighting the various aspects of the profession.   



[Librarian Repost]: “A Digital Badge Initiative: Two Years Later” via Campus Technology News Update (4.15.2016)

ccc.coastal.eduThe founders (Alan J. Redid and Denise Paster) of Coastal Carolina University’s digital badge program (Coastal Composition Commons (CCC)) report on their progress, the response from students and faculty, and what lies ahead.

Two years ago, Coastal Carolina University implemented Coastal Composition Commons, a university-wide digital badge initiative designed to make student learning outcomes tied to first-year composition courses more visible to both faculty and students while providing a more unified experience across the program.

For more details about this article, please click here.

Velappan Velappan, Head of Access Services


[Librarian Blogs]: Vote for My “Ignite Session Presentation” to be Selected for the 2015 ALA Annual Conference (3.17.2015)

I’ve submitted a proposal to do the presentation for an “Ignite Session” to be part of the 2015 ALA  Annual Conference in San Francisco.  The public voting begins now and it counts 30% of the selection process.  So please vote for my Ignite Session.  If you do not have an account in ALA Connect already, you can sign-up/register here to create a free account to Vote.  You don’t need to be ALA member to create a ALA Connect account.   
This is [where you can] see my Ignite session’s Abstract and Vote.
Should you have any questions, [please]  let me know.  I’ll help you out to set up the ALA Connect account.  Please remember the voting is open until March 31st.    
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